5 Reasons To Tame Pain With

Tiger Balm

Tiger Balm is made using natural ingredients. Tiger Balm products are based on powerful herbal blends of medicinal plants that have been known for their curative effects.

5 Reasons To  Use Tiger Balm

Utilizes Natural Ingredients The two active ingredients in their Ultra Strength Tiger Balm are camphor and menthol.


Stands The Test Of Time  With over 100 years of proven success in almost 100 countries, it’s no wonder people keep going back to this ointment.

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Low Waste Packaging  It’s packaged in cardboard and the actual balm is in a glass jar. The lid is also metal. When the jar is empty, you can up-cycle it into something else.

Easy To Transport  I love how easy Tiger Balm is to take with me to the gym or dance rehearsals. Because it’s such a tiny glass jar, I can easily toss it into my dance or workout bag without a problem.


Efficient Pain Relief You can use Ultra Strength Tiger Balm to find relief from: joint and muscle pain, backaches, arthritis, and stiff muscles. 

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