5 Delicious Ways to

Use Celery Leaves

Celery is definitely not my favorite vegetable. But, no matter my personal feelings, I can't deny how important it is when it comes to developing flavor.  Most people just use the heart of the vegetable, the long stalks often sold bundled together at the supermarket, but the celery leaves hold SO MUCH FLAVOR!

cooking just got better

Before cooking, you’ll need to know how to prep the leaves! Every stalk has outer and inner foliage, which taste completely different. 

inner vs outer leaves

The more intense flavor lies in the outer, dark green layer.  Use them in dishes where texture won't matter, like soups, stews, sauces, and purées. 

The inner layer is a lighter green and has a more delicate texture. Use the inner leaves in salads or as a garnish. 

recipes with celery leaves

Try your celery in:  - Breakfast shakes - As an herb substitute - Beans and celery (try corona beans!) - Green soup - Eggs

regrow your celery from scraps

Eliminate food waste by  re-growing your food from scraps! 1. Cut off the bottom 1-2" of stalks 2. Place in a shallow dish with 1/2" water 3. Place in windowsill with plenty of light and water.  4. As it grows, pell off and discard the outer layers that brown and decay 5. Once roots have started, repot or move outside!


Is celery good for you? Most definitely! It's a natural anti-inflammatory, will help keep you hydrated, and removes toxins and waste from your body naturally. 

Why do celery leaves turn yellow? A nutritional deficiency. If the leaves start to yellow, they may taste bitter, so best to stick only to what's green!

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