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Science Experiments To Do At Home With Kids

Here are three fun and educational projects about sustainability to do with your kids, including teenagers. These three experiments capture the science behind our sustainability initiatives.

Why Are Sustainability Experiments Important?

Not only are these science experiments great for science skills, but they are perfect  conversation starters for discussing environmental issues with our kids in a way that is accessible to them.

food waste audit experiment

It’s interesting how much we can learn about our unconscious behaviors when we start to track them. Through the food waste audit, my boys paid a whole lot more attention to how much food they wasted.

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food scrap growth experiment

In this experiment, they will learn how to pot certain types of food  scraps and watch them grow. Things like making observations, measuring, creating a graph and analyzing  data are incorporated into the lesson plans.

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the landfill experiment

 Food decomposing properly with oxygen in a compost bin is a much different process than food decomposing in a landfill without oxygen. This experiment shows how different foods produce different amounts of greenhouse gases in a landfill.

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why these science experiments are important

By educating young people about the science behind why sustainability matters, hopefully, we can make them even more effective advocates for the planet

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