10 Ways To

Create A Non-Toxic Kitchen

Beyond reducing plastic, especially single-use plastic, there are many ways we can create a healthier kitchen environment. Here’s how to create a non-toxic kitchen that’s  also low waste.

How Do I Make My Kitchen Non Toxic?

Having a non-toxic kitchen basically means making more informed decisions that promote a healthy lifestyle. This also trickles into a sustainable lifestyle, because usually, wellness of self equals wellness of the planet.

swap out your teflon-coated cookware

The least toxic cookware for your health is non-Teflon-coated options. Materials like cast iron, stainless steel, or ceramic are the best options because they can withstand high temperatures and don’t leach toxins into your food.

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choose organic,  locally grown,  plastic-free produce

When possible, hit up your local farmers market: It’s easier to shop there plastic-free, plus you get to see what’s in season. You can even ask the farmers directly about their farming practices.

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Choose all-natural cleaning DIYs, or trusted eco-friendly cleaning products sold on the market. Click for my favorite sustainable cleaning products that actually get the job done without harsh chemicals.

clean using eco-friendly products

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Kitchen sponges harbor bacteria, need to be replaced often and are not recyclable. Try a wooden dish brush instead to create a more low-waste, non-toxic kitchen. The head can be removed and replaced as needed, plus it’s compostable.

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• Choose Better Food Storage • Avoid Plastic Film Wrap • Filter Your Water • Grow Your Own Herbs • Avoid Plastic Cutting Boards • Consider Getting An    Induction Stove


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