10 Tips for Staying

Zero Waste at Work

It can be difficult to stay zero waste in the workplace especially if your job is wasteful. Think about it, you could be responsible for tons of waste reduction. Making changes from the inside out will be slow and difficult, but gosh how rewarding when all of it finally pays off?

Start With Breakfast:

Lots of us grab breakfast on the go. These habits result in a lot of packaging waste added up over time. Instead, take a smarter approach and plan ahead. Making breakfast at home is a super-easy way to avoid single-use plastic.

Stock Your Work Kitchen:

If you have an office kitchen, and it’s not stocked with reusables consider bringing a set of dishes for you to use. Encourage everyone to use the dishes and you will see many of your office mates opting for reusables opposed to disposables.

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The most eco-friendly thing you can do is use the office supplies that you already have. Once you’ve used all of the supplies that you have then consider switching to eco-friendly alternatives.

Eco-Friendly Office Supplies:

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If you’re used to receiving presentation decks from every meeting, ask for digital versions to be emailed out instead of printed versions. Everyone can take notes in a notebook instead of on the printout. This will save a ton of paper and will help keep everyone more organized.

Reduce Your Paper Use:

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Once you master the art of reducing the waste you create on the job, it’s time to take it to the next level. Most companies have a long list of sustainability goals and/or greenhouse gas emissions targets, but most of them aren’t succeeding. This is where you come in!

Be a Leader in Sustainability on Your Job:

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