10 Things I

Don't Buy Anymore

Minimalism and zero waste share several core tenants, one of them being BUY LESS. So, I wanted to round up 10+ things that I don’t buy anymore.

How I Reduce Waste With What I Don't Buy

Instead of mindlessly consuming, I take time to make sure that I’m bringing items that I truly need or absolutely love and bring joy into my life.

What I Don't Buy Anymore

1. Plastic Water Bottles - Carry a reusable bottle. 2. Keurig Pods - Switch to reusable pods. 3. Pads And Tampons - Use a reusable option like a cup, cloth or Thinx underwear.

Yellow Wavy Line

4. Paper Towels  - Use reusable cloth towels.  5. Plastic Baggies - Use reusable food bags or rinse and reuse. 6. Spongeless - Use reusable scrubbers that will last for years.

7. No More Pre-Packed "Convenience" Foods - Don't buy pre-sliced foods and slice yourself. 8. Broke Up With Fast Fashion - Buy less, shop secondhand, etc.


9. Cotton Balls/ Cloth Pads - Put products in a spray bottle instead of a cotton ball or cloth pad.  10. Aluminum Foil - Use beeswax wrap or other alternatives for lining pans and draping food.

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