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Compost Bins For A Zero Waste Lifestyle

These kitchen compost bin options are a must-have if you’re choosing to live a zero waste lifestyle. Here are my favorite small compost bin options for my readers to choose from to get you started.

Do Small Compost Bins Smell?

Most indoor compost bins sold online have a built-in compartment at the top for a charcoal filter that helps curb odor. You must replace the filters every three to six months, otherwise you may start to smell the compost inside the pail.


– Compost pail made from bamboo fibers with handle – 1.15 gallon – Uses replaceable  carbon filters – Biodegradable – Dishwasher safe

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– Carbon steel compost bin – 2 quarts – Replaceable carbon filter inside lid – Plastic liner eliminates need for waste bags – Small handle

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 – Vented compost bin made from recycled plastic with handle – 2-3 gallons – Compatible with 2-3 gallon compost bin bags – BPA free

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– Ceramic compost bin  with handle – 1 gallon – Replaceable charcoal filters – Dishwasher safe, but hand washing recommended

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MORE  countertop kitchen compost bins

— Fresh Air Full Circle Home — Scrappy Happy Full  Circle Home — Breeze Full Circle Home — Stainless Steel  Natural Home — Minky — Oxo

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