three months

Includes: 12 total sessions

  • trash audit
  • replacement recommendations 
  • reduction & downsizing
  • organizing
  • finding what's necessary
  • grocery shopping guidelines
  • seasonal meal ideas
  • how to stock the kitchen
  • how to stock the bathroom
  • new routines
  • individual goals
  • unlimited email support between sessions via email

three month program

Commit to making a lifestyle change. Three months is a magic timeframe. Curate sustainable habits by building a strong foundation and altering your thinking.  You will reap benefits that you can feel, see, and experience.

my philosophy

My method is centered around balance for your whole life. You'll learn what works for you! Everyone is different; it's about finding what's sustainable for your schedule and budget. You'll learn how to create actionable goals and manifest your vision. With ongoing support and a personalized plan, you'll get the tools you need for crafting an environmentally friendly lifestyle. You will see benefits in every aspect of your life. You'll feel lighter by letting go of unnecessary possessions and cutting packaging from your life. 

Also available: A la carte, business plans, and custom packages. 

Please email for pricing.