6 All-Natural Toothpaste Brands + DIYs to Try

Conventional toothpaste is packaged in plastic tubes, and can contain some questionable ingredients which is a double whammy for the environment and our health.

The truth is you don’t need all those unpronounceable ingredients to get that ‘clean teeth’ feeling. In fact, most dentists say the most important part of brushing your teeth is the toothbrush. Ever since I made the switch to zero waste toothpaste, my teeth have never felt cleaner.

6 all-natural toothpaste brands plus a few DIY brands to try from www.goingzerowaste.com #toothpaste #oralhealth #ecofriendly #zerowaste #toothbrush #toothpowder #diy #allnatural

You can easily DIY your own toothpaste, but not everyone enjoys DIYs. For that reason, I’ve assembled a list of zero waste toothpaste brands and DIYs you can trust.

First up are brands that make awesome zero waste toothpaste that actually work, then I list a bunch of DIYs for those who prefer making their own.                             

treat yourself natural clay tooth powder:

Have you ever used tooth powder before? It’s not hard to get the hang of, plus it’s kind of fun to try something new and different.

To use tooth powder, you just run your toothbrush under water, dip it into the jar, then brush like normal with the powder attached to your toothbrush bristles.

I really like Treat Yourself’s natural clay tooth powder because it’s full of natural ingredients that are actually good for your teeth. 

Most conventional toothpaste contain questionable ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate, fluoride, triclosan and artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners and the mouth has an absorbency efficiency rate of more than 90 percent.

Treat Yourself’s natural clay tooth powder only uses natural ingredients you can trust. The star ingredients consist of calcium bentonite clay, cinnamon, turmeric, clove, activated charcoal, and essential oils of frankincense and myrrh.  

I love the fact it comes in a reusable glass jar.  The lid of it is plastic but it’s still a great jar to reuse. I plan to use it to store my DIY deodorant when it’s empty.

6 all-naturaal toothpaste brands plus aa few DIY brands to try from www.goingzerowaste.com #toothpaste #oralhealth #ecofriendly #zerowaste #toothbrush #toothpowder #diy #allnatural

davids natural toothpaste:

Perhaps you really love the idea of toothpaste coming in a tube. That’s cool: Davids Natural Toothpaste has you covered.

This toothpaste comes in a 100 percent recyclable metal tub with a small plastic lid. You just have to cut it open and rinse it out first before recycling. 

The tube comes packaged in a box made of FSC certified paperboard that’s manufactured with renewable wind energy. How cool is that?

Also, each box comes with a metal “key” to help you roll up the tube and get the very last drops out of the tube so nothing is wasted, not even the last drop.

Their ingredients are great as well, completely free of fluoride and sulphates. They’re vegan friendly and cruelty free which is a huge plus.

This toothpaste is made from 98 percent USA origin ingredients which is fantastic because the more locally sourced ingredients, the less carbon emissions emitted.

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To make their brand even more conscious, they’ve been EWG verified for consumer safety and health.

Their ingredients consist of calcium carbonate, purified water, baking soda, vegetable glycerin, hydrated silica, xylitol, sodium cocyl glutamate, carrageenan, peppermint oil, spearmint leaf oil, anise seed extract, wintergreen leaf extract and stevia leaf extract. You can see what each ingredient means and what it does on their very transparent ingredient list.

If you’re looking for an all-natural toothpaste that comes in a recyclable tube and helps support our local economy, this is definitely the toothpaste for you.

6 all-natural toothpaste brands plus a few DIY brands to try from www.goingzerowaste.com #toothpaste #oralhealth #ecofriendly #zerowaste #toothbrush #toothpowder #diy #allnatural6 all-natural toothpaste brands plus a few DIY brands to try from www.goingzerowaste.com #toothpaste #oralhealth #ecofriendly #zerowaste #toothbrush #toothpowder #diy #allnatural

uncle harry’s:

Uncle Harry’s toothpaste is very popular within the zero waste community because their natural toothpaste can be bought in glass jars which can be reused when empty. The lid is plastic, so It's not perfect, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Their natural toothpaste helps support tooth enamel remineralization. It also helps maintain a natural alkaline pH, which is very important for overall oral health. 

Uncle Harry‘s is a 100 percent vegetarian company that never tests on animals, but all their toothpaste options are completely vegan. None of their products contain soy, gluten or dairy ingredients. 

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Their products are free of fluoride, triclosan, artificial sweeteners and sodium lauryl sulfate at all times. Unlike the other toothpastes I’ve listed, they come in a wide array of flavors as well, such as spearmint, cinnamon, peppermint and anise. 

The ingredients for their toothpaste consist of bentonite clay, calcium carbonate, colloidal silver water, sea salt, ionic minerals, mustard seed, and various different essential oils (depending on flavor).

Uncle Harry’s even has children’s toothpaste options that are completely safe for kids and more palatable for youngsters.

To use the toothpaste, you just scoop a little from the jar using your toothbrush or small utensil, brush for one to two minutes, then rinse like normal.

6 all-natural toothpaste brands plus a few DIY brands to try from www.goingzerowaste.com #toothpaste #oralhealth #ecofriendly #zerowaste #toothbrush #toothpowder #diy #allnatural

peppermint baking soda toothpaste:

If you prefer DIYs, this peppermint baking soda toothpaste is easy to make.  In fact, you might have all the ingredients for it in your house right now. 

This is my personal favorite homemade toothpaste option. I use it all the time. Even my mom, who’s a dental assistant, approves of this recipe.

It’s super simple to make, only requiring three ingredients: Baking soda, coconut oil and peppermint essential oil. You’ll get that super clean feeling after using it too. 

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To use, just dip your toothbrush into the toothpaste, then brush away. There’s no need to splash it with any water. Just rinse your brush off when you’re done and you’re good to go. 

You can store this three-ingredient toothpaste in an empty glass jar you have lying around. Super effective and low cost. 

If you find baking soda to be too abrasive on your teeth, try using a little less than the recipe recommends and adjust it to meet your needs.

Making this recipe has honestly saved me so much money: The ingredients are cheap and easy to find waste free. I totally recommend giving it a shot!

6 all-natural toothpaste brands plus a few DIY brands to try from www.goingzerowaste.com #toothpaste #oralhealth #ecofriendly #zerowaste #toothbrush #toothpowder #diy #allnatural

dentist approved toothpowder:

If you’re looking for a tooth powder that’s all natural and one your dentist will love, look no further. This dentist approved toothpowder is the best. 

You only need three ingredients to make it: Xylitol, baking soda and bentonite clay. All the ingredients can be found in bulk, or sustainable packaging.

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This toothpowder recipe was made by collaborating with a dentist to get the perfect formula. How cool is that? It has none of those icky additives like artificial coloring.

Xylitol is a natural sweetener, baking soda dislodges plaque from the teeth and bentonite clay draws out toxins. All you need to do is put the ingredients together in a glass jar and shake it up. 

Make sure to use a wooden or porcelain measuring spoon to touch the bentonite clay, as metal will deactivate it.

The sweetness of the xylitol should cancel out the saltiness of the baking soda, leaving it with a rather neutral taste. It’ll leave you with clean breath and tastes like nothing, perfect for people who prefer minimal to no flavors with their toothpaste.

6 all-natural toothpaste brands plus a few DIY brands to try from www.goingzerowaste.com #toothpaste #oralhealth #ecofriendly #zerowaste #toothbrush #toothpowder #diy #allnatural

charcoal toothpaste recipe:

Feel like your teeth need some whitening? This charcoal toothpaste recipe is perfect.

It only requires three ingredients: activated charcoal, coconut oil and baking soda. You can also add a few drops of essential oil for a refreshing aftertaste (I’d use peppermint or spearmint essential oil).

This shouldn’t be your main toothpaste because activated charcoal can cause sensitivity. Use it once or twice a week to help whiten your teeth.

Just be aware it can get pretty messy! The activated charcoal stains a lot of things, so don’t wear nice clothes while using this DIY.

Your teeth are going to feel super clean after using this toothpaste. The activated charcoal is a powerhouse ingredient which binds to grime, dirt and stains beyond the surface, drawing them out.

You can find most of the ingredients for this in bulk, or sustainably packaged. For instance, coconut oil usually comes in glass and baking soda comes in cardboard, which are easy to reuse and/or recycle.

The activated charcoal may be a bit tricky to find plastic free, so keep that in mind. You should be able to purchase activated charcoal plastic free online at the Refill Revolution though (along with other awesome ingredients for making DIYs).

You can store your homemade toothpaste in a small metal tin or a small glass jar you’re repurposing. Just dip your brush into the toothpaste and brush your teeth like you normally would.

Your teeth will turn a bit black at first using this toothpaste, but have no fear. When you rinse out your mouth, it’ll be stain free and feel super clean.

How do you brush your teeth?


Guest Post: Ariana Palmieri is the founder of Greenify-Me.com, a blog dedicated to zero waste living and sustainability. Her work has been featured on MindBodyGreen, Green Matters, The Penny Hoarder and several other publications. Get her free e-book "10 Ways to Reduce Trash" by signing up to her newsletter and learn how to reduce your waste today.

How to Start the Sustainability Conversation

It’s hard to walk that line. You know the one I’m talking about? The one where you happily and actively talk to your friends about the environment vs. jumping down everyone’s throat and getting yourself un-invited from all social events… Yeah, that line.

In this post, I’m going to outline a few of the ways I’ve been able to navigate these tricky waters and how I spread the sustainability message without coming off like a jerk. I have retained all of my party invites AND when my friends throw parties and they have disposables… they put out a real plate, cup, and cutlery just for me. #Special

How to start the sustainability conversation from www.goingzerowaste.com #sustainability #ecofriendly #gogreen #zerowaste

I am so excited to be creating this post in partnership with MINI. All thoughts and opinions are my own for more information please see my disclosure policy.

MINI has launched a new campaign #ChargedWithPassion to celebrate the first all-electric MINI which is coming out next year! I am so excited and really hope they remake the Italian Job (my favorite movie in middle school) with a fleet of all-electric MINI.

How amazing would that be!? Stealing a bunch of gold has never been more eco-friendly.

(Side note: eco-friendly gold is a whole ‘nother blog post I’m working on.)

If you’re following me on Instagram, you might remember that I attended Urban-X built by MINI last year. A conference and incubator that focuses on the idea of creating a more sustainable world.

The conference focuses on seven main areas like real estate and construction, infrastructure, mobility, food, water, and energy. The idea is to bring sustainability to these areas so we can scale them for not only a sustainable future but a regenerative one.

There is so much room to innovate in this space, and I love that MINI. is opening up these conversations. I have teamed up with them to share what charges me with passion, and if you haven’t figured it out already - sustainability lights me up!

I love getting to share good news about the planet and being able to talk to others about how they can create a healthier life for themselves and the mama Earth.

Did you know air pollution is the number one killer in the world? Yep. People die from lack of access to clean resources like air, water, and a new study found that one person in a developing country dies every 30 seconds from plastic pollution. These problems aren’t only environmental issues; they’re also health issues. Wellness of self and the planet are inextricably linked. Fighting for healthier world charges me with passion.

I want a world powered by renewables not just because it’s great for the environment, but because I believe access to clean air and water is a human right.

And one of the best ways to address these problems is to simply talk about them. Katherine Hayhoe, one of my personal heroes, has a great Ted Talk focusing on this subject. We’re scared to talk about these problems, but it’s one of the best things that we can do. Here are a few of my tips to get that conversation started.

How to start the sustainability conversation from www.goingzerowaste.com #sustainability #ecofriendly #gogreen #zerowaste

1. act:

I’m sure you’ve heard, “Actions speak louder than words?” Well, it’s certainly true! I can’t tell you how many times people stop and ask me about my reusable bags at the grocery store or bringing my own tin to get takeout.

People are curious. They want to know why you’re doing something. This opens up a door for non-confrontational dialogue where you can share what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, the positive impact it’s having, and then encourage them to do the same.

My best tip is to be prepared with a few sentences!

Real-life example:

  • Woman at Deli (WaD): Why are you getting your food to-go in there?
  • Me: I try to avoid single-use plastics for health reasons, and it also keeps the food WAY fresher.
  • WaD: plastic’s bad for our health?
  • Me: Yeah, unfortunately, they can leach endocrine-disrupting hormones into our food so I try to avoid them, they’re also a huge problem for the environment.
  • WaD: Oh, I’m going to bring a container next time, that’s smart.Me: You should! I promise your food will last so much longer too. Give it a try.

  • share something really good:

When you are the first person to initiate the I LOVE THE PLANET conversation, I find that sharing something super awesome is a great way of breaking down that barrier.

For instance, “Did you hear? Vermont just banned all single-use plastics!” or “MINI is coming out with an all-electric MINI!”

When you share how excited you are about something that’s happening, it’s not seen as an attack or a judgment just something that charges you with passion!

After I share how excited I am about the all-electric MINI, then I can easily talk about how much I want a remake of the Italian Job a lot of other issues like the future of transportation is powered by renewable energy. How this facilitates the energy transition and switching over the gird. How we can encourage solar panels, solar batteries, and become independent from fossil fuels.

The future of transportation is so multi-pronged, but it’s definitely more carpooling, more bike lanes, more and better public transit, electric vehicles and it’s all going to be powered by renewable energy. When I think about that I get goosebumps.

Did you know 11 countries have banned the sale of fossil-fuel vehicles? Yup. Gas powered vehicle sales are dropping and peak oil demand is expected to crest in this decade according to Bloomberg. I think this is SO exciting. It’s expected that batteries in EVs are only going to hold more charge and be able to charge in 3-5 minutes. Wouldn’t that be amazing!

See, I can just tangent away. My excitement is so genuine, and I’m bubbling up with all this good news my friends and family can’t help but go along. But, now all my friends reading this are realizing how often they’ve been played. Sorry not sorry. You love it.

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3. be passive:

One of the best ways to speak about the planet is indirectly. When you’re speaking indirectly you’re either framing the subject matter as purely personal or you’re talking about it via social media.

For instance, every now and then share an article or video about environmentalism on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram stories. These platforms are yours and you can share what you want.

Sharing tips for living more eco-friendly to a BUNCH of people makes it more passive which can open up conversations with people you might not have thought interested otherwise.

Another passive way of talking about something is by focusing on the personal aspect. I tend to do this A LOT. You can see from the earlier conversation at the deli, I started by talking about my health.

People, especially strangers, tend to understand a selfish action more than a selfless action. I always make all of my exchanges selfish because it encourages others to try it!

For instance which of these sounds more appealing?

  1. do something for someone else.
  2. do something good for you that saves you money and helps you live a happier and healthier life.

I’m going to go with option 2. And, as a bonus, option 2 also helps with option 1. So, now you know, lead with the personal benefits.

You should absolutely talk about the benefits to the planet, just make sure you really emphasize those personal benefits too.

When we talk about big issues, it’s so important to tell a story to find that through line, the points that connect all of us. It’s not that we’re not trying to talk about the Earth it’s just that the Earth isn’t that personal to most of us.

We need to find points of connection that we can relate to and typically that starts with some form of personal connection.

4. invite:

Show people how it’s done! You want to get your friends and family amped about the shopping plastic free, take them on a trip to the bulk store. You want to show your mom that second-hand shopping can be cool, take her to a really nice consignment boutique full of her favorite designers.

Want to show everyone how cool an electric car can be, share this video with them. You want to show your fam how delicious plant-based dinners can be, invite them over for a dinner party. You want to prove that throwing a zero waste party is a lot easier than it sounds - live it up with all your friends and fam so they can see how low maintenance the clean-up can be!

I really hope that you can use a few of these tricks to help spark the sustainability conversation with your friends and family. I would love to know which tip you plan on implementing first?

I also want to thank MINI for sponsoring this post. I am so happy to be working with them and sharing what charges me with passion!

6 Ethical and Sustainable Swimwear Brands

Summer is finally here! Are you ready to hit up the beach? If so, you’ve got to check out this guide for eco-friendly beach essentials!

I’m sure one thing you’ll be packing is a swimsuit… and there’s something you need to know… most swimsuits are made from plastic.

6 ethical and sustainable swimwear brands from www.goingzerowaste.com #ethicalfashion #sustainable #swimwear #beach #ecofriendly #zerowaste #swim #pool

Yup. The two most popular kinds of fabrics used to make swimsuits are polyester and nylon – both of which happen to be plastic. Do you remember the post about Microfibers? It talks all about the problem with plastic fibers.

So, does that mean you can never wear a swimsuit again? Of course not, it’d be silly to avoid swimsuits simply because they’re made from plastic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make smarter choices.

Here are six sustainable swimwear brands you need to check out ASAP, but first let’s chat about eco-friendly swim fabrics. Some of the links below are affiliate links for more information please see my disclosure policy.

eco friendly fabrics:

As I mentioned prior, most swimwear is made from virgin polyester or nylon. This kind of material not only sheds micro-plastics into the water with each wash, but it’s also a waste of resources.

Thankfully, there are several innovative, sustainable swim fabrics out there.

One of the best eco-friendly materials is ECONYL – it’s regenerated nylon from pre and post-consumer products. 

To make ECONYL, waste like fishing nets, fabric scraps and carpet flooring are used in a regeneration and purification process. Then, the nylon is processed and turned into new swimwear products.

There are other types of recycled swimwear fabrics, such as REPREVE, which is made from recycled plastic bottles. Yet another material is EcoLux, which is just another term for recycled nylon fibers. 

If you’re truly hoping to avoid plastic at all costs, you could invest in a yarn bathing suit, or a biodegradable one made from Marino wool. But, more on that later.

Ready to explore the world of sustainable swimwear? Here are some ethical and beautiful bathing suits you’ll want to wear all summer long.


I love Reformation. They’re based in Los Angeles, California, and they have so many beautiful swimwear options to choose from women’s bikinis, one-pieces and even beach bags to choose from.

The best part? Reformation uses sustainable and deadstock fabrics, along with eco-friendly manufacturing practices. 

If you’re wondering what deadstock fabrics are, they’re leftover materials so if a designer ordered a bunch of fabric and they had some leftover, Reformation will pick it up, prevent it from going to landfill, and make a limited number of pieces with that fabric, pretty great, right?

They mainly utilize ECONYL in their swimsuits, so a large portion of the bathing suit is made from recycled materials.

That said, even Reformation recognizes their swimsuits are made from synthetic materials, which may shed microplastics. They encourage the consumer to wash in cold water and line dry, or wash with a filter to prevent the microfibers from going out to sea!

MY TOP PICKS are this sweet one piece and this bikini bottom and top.

6 ethical and sustainable swimwear brands from www.goingzerowaste.com #ethicalfashion #sustainable #swimwear #beach #ecofriendly #zerowaste #swim #pool


Summersalt focuses on quality, their swimsuits are made to last. They use recycled textiles, and their swimsuits boast five to four times the strength of compression compared to other swimwear. 

This brand crafts their swimsuits from 78 percent recycled polyamide. That means this fabric is crafted from recycled plastic, post-consumer materials and nylon waste, like old fishing nets, that are literally pulled straight from the ocean.

Yet another thing to love about Summersalt? They have many unique styles, patterns and cuts to choose from. 

There’s everything you can imagine: Bikinis, one pieces, and coverups galore, celebrating all kinds of body shapes and sizes.

To make your life even easier, Summersalt took over 1.5 million measurements from 10,000 women to make finding the perfect fit for you a breeze. Just take their style + size finder quiz to get fitted instantly.

They even have maternity bathing suits (and not just a one piece, but a maternity bikini too).

MY TOP PICKS are this retro inspired bikini and very mod one-piece

6 ethical and sustainable swimwear brands from www.goingzerowaste.com #ethicalfashion #sustainable #swimwear #beach #ecofriendly #zerowaste #swim #pool


Shopping for sustainable men’s swim trunks doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, Outerknown makes it pretty easy.

Outerknown has several different kinds of men’s swim trunks to choose from, but all of them are sustainably made.

I personally love their latest release: Woolaro trunks. They’re made from 100 percent Australian Merino wool. This fabric is natural, renewable and biodegradable, which means it can be composted at the end of its life. (but no worries, these are designed to last a long time)

For those who prefer a vegan option, they also offer trunks made from 86 percent recycled polyester. There are even some trunks made from 100 percent ECONYL, meaning they’re made from 100 percent recycled nylon from reclaimed fishing nets and other waste.

Along with the variety of eco-friendly materials to choose from, they also have a wide range of patterns, colors and sizes available for men. For those who may need it, they also have a size guide available to get the perfect fit.

JUSTIN’S TOP PICK the nomadic stretch trunks


vitamin a:

Want a cute bathing suit that’s also incredibly sustainable? Vitamin A has you covered.

Vitamin A is leading the way in EcoLux, a superfine matte jersey swim fabric produced locally in California from recycled nylon fiber. This fabric produces far less greenhouse gases than conventional fibers, and also conserves energy and water in the process.

Vitamin A also has some other unique, eco-friendly fabrics, such as EcoRib and BioRib which are made locally in California.

EcoRib is a stretch-ribbed swim fabric made from nylon fiber scraps while BioRib is another ribbed fabric made from plant-based raw material sourced from castor bean.

No matter what kind of material your Vitamin A bathing suit is made from, it’s bound to be super cute! Vitamin A has a ton of shapes, colors and sizes to choose from. 

I love how you can shop via cut and style too. So, let's say you wanted a halter top bikini with a cheeky bottom. You could easily find that on Vitamin A with how they organize their selections.

They sell a surplus of bikinis, one pieces and bodysuits in tons of solid colors, stripes, florals and more. You’re bound to find something you like.

Another bonus? You can grab coverups and beach accessories from this brand too. Their coverups utilize various different eco-friendly materials such as recycled cotton, linen, and tencel a wood pulp textile made in a non-polluting, closed-loop manufacturing process.

MY TOP PICKS are this sweet one piece and this really fun t-shirt bikini

6 ethical and sustainable swimwear brands from www.goingzerowaste.com #ethicalfashion #sustainable #swimwear #beach #ecofriendly #zerowaste #swim #pool

amour vert x kore swim:

Amour Vert makes some of the cutest sustainable clothing pieces ever, so when they teamed up with KORE SWIM, it got me pumped.

Together, Amour Vert and KORE SWIM released an exclusive collection of super chic, sustainable swimwear you can feel good about and look good in. There are three different suits in the collection, each tailored to compliment the female form perfectly.

Each suit is made from recycled nylon and spandex. The recycled nylon in it is created from waste such as fishing nets, fabric scraps and industrial plastic. 

Each suit is made from 78 percent recycled nylon and made locally in Los Angeles. To keep suits in the best condition, it’s recommended to hand wash in cold water and dry flat.

This unique bathing suit collection features stunning one pieces that come in a variety of colors.

MY TOP PICK is the GAIA one piece in Riad

6 ethical and sustainable swimwear brands from www.goingzerowaste.com #ethicalfashion #sustainable #swimwear #beach #ecofriendly #zerowaste #swim #pool


If you’re looking for a swimsuit made from no plastic whatsoever, you’re in luck. Mamadelta, an Esty shop, sells handmade bathing suits made from yarn. 

Yes, it’s water resistant. It’s also lightweight, but very durable. It’s crocheted with love and care in a Vietnam traditional handicraft village.

One of the coolest things about these bathing suits is the fact Minh, the owner of Mamadelta, employs impoverished middle-aged Vietnamese women at fair-trade wages. She creates safe working environments for the women and dependable income, making her bathing suits fair trade.

These handmade bathing suits are so charismatic and unique! You’ll definitely be the talk of the beach wearing one of these. The beautiful yarn bathing suits come in ivory, olive, burnt orange, and burgundy colors.

At the end of its life cycle, you can definitely compost this bathing suit. But don’t worry, it’ll last you a long time before you have to.

MY TOP PICK this crocheted top and this crocheted bottom

Which one do you think is the cutest?

6 ethical and sustainable swimwear brands from www.goingzerowaste.com #ethicalfashion #sustainable #swimwear #beach #ecofriendly #zerowaste #swim #pool

Guest Post: Ariana Palmieri is the founder of Greenify-Me.com, a blog dedicated to zero waste living and sustainability. Her work has been featured on MindBodyGreen, Green Matters, The Penny Hoarder and several other publications. Get her free e-book "10 Ways to Reduce Trash" by signing up to her newsletter and learn how to reduce your waste today.