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Bamboo Dishwashing Brush

30 Day Zero Waste Challenge

Last Updated on August 4, 2022

Using a bamboo dishwashing brush is a zero waste option for keeping your dishes nice and clean. It’s great that a bamboo scrub brush is strong enough to remove pesky stuck on food and soft enough to not damage your dishes.

It’s important to consider all areas of your life when going zero waste, including washing the dishes. Take into consideration the best dish brushes that are made with sustainable materials and can still get the job done.

glass jar with bamboo dish scrub brushes

bamboo dishwashing brush

When I first went zero waste, I was thinking about buying reusables. Not necessarily about the end life of a product. But, some products just don’t last forever.

The two products that come to my mind are my dish scrub brush and toothbrushes. 

In both of these situations, I’ve opted for a bamboo scrub brush and toothbrush instead of plastic.

By choosing bamboo, the base of the item can be composted instead of landfilled. That’s a big win if you ask me!

When looking for products, try to think about the end life. Think about what happens after you can’t use it anymore. 

the dish scrubber brush challenge:

Swap out plastic brushes and sponges for something with a better end life. Your dish scrub brush is a great place to start. Things aren’t going to last forever, but we can make better choices. Check out what I stash in my dish scrub jar.

Click on the images to read more about the product. 

 A long brush is essential when you have as many mason jars as I do! 
 A fabulous basic.
 I love my bamboo pot scraper. This really revolutionized dish washing for me.  It can handle any caked on goop with ease.

uses for the best dish brushes

A long brush is essential when you have as many mason jars as I do. I also really like the center brush. It’s perfect for scrubbing pots.

The bamboo scrub brush pot scraper really revolutionized dishwashing for me.  It can handle any caked-on goop with ease.

Also necessary for cleaning flip top bottles! 

 Necessary for cleaning flip top bottles! 

frequently asked questions

does a dish scrubber brush harbor bacteria?

Yes, even the best dish brushes will harbor bacteria! It’s vital that you clean them on a weekly basis. When you use your bamboo dishwashing brush for a tough job (or just frequently), I would recommend cleaning even more often.

how long does a bamboo scrub brush last compared to a sponge?

I have found my bamboo dish brushes last A LOT longer than sponges. I’ve had some of my brushes for over a year, and they’re still amazing.

I can’t imagine a sponge lasting more than two months – ick! 

how do you clean a bamboo dishwashing brush?

It’s best if you soak your dirty bamboo dishwashing brush in some vinegar. Add in a drop or two of dish soap and let it soak for 1-2 hours. Rinse and air dry.

final thoughts

Zero waste isn’t just about buying all of your food in bulk bins. There is so much you can do to make a difference — things that aren’t time-consuming or hard!

It doesn’t take any extra effort to switch things like your toothbrush or dish scrubber brush. We can all do something to make the world a little greener. 

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  1. Stainless steel chain mail scrubbers are my favorite and will last longer than me. I don’t use anything else on my cast iron, but they can be used on stainless pots and even stoneware.

    1. It depends on which one you have. If it’s the scraper, you can throw it in your yard waste bin. If it has hair on it, you can put it in your compost bin or use it as kindling for a backyard fire.