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The Race to Zero Waste

Zero Waste Lifestyle

Last Updated on January 23, 2024

I set yearly intentions around my birthday rather than the new year. It’s the calm before the holiday storm; a time where I can reflect on what I want for my new year.

the race to zero waste from #zerowaste

My Intentions:

  • Wake up earlier: to work on blogging and relax in the evening.
  • Stress less: controlled through meditation and exercise.
  • Get out more: be a part of real life rather than sit behind a computer screen.
  • Make meaningful connections: both on and offline.
  • Write more: about how I’m feeling in addition to “how to” wether that be grocery shopping or freezing smoothies.

This Saturday, I heard about the “Race to Zero Waste.” It’s a zero waste 5k!

I am not a runner. I find no motivation in running. I like the idea of running, just not in practice. However, after the 5k there was a beach cleanup.

Cleaning the beach!? I can get behind that. In honor of making meaningful connections and being present in real life, off I went.

Danielle, from No Need for Mars, and I decided to make a whole day of it! We started by getting lost. Neither of us is very good with directions. I don’t know what we would do without GPS.

So, we accidentally stumbled through Shark Fest! Great White Sharks have returned to the bay due to conservation efforts and cleaner waters. Definitely something to celebrate!

After wandering through Shark Fest chatting with people about sustainability and cleaner waters, we decided to head to the ocean and clean up the shore. I am very grateful I wore my rain boots. It was raining on and off again, and I was unafraid of the crashing waves.

We managed to collect several plastic sand castle toys and single use sauce cups. While walking along the water we found Race to Zero Waste!

We popped up to say hello to the Zero Waste Chef, who just finished a class on fermentation. I’m bummed I missed it, but will definitely try and join another one. There was tabling on the plastic bag ban – Yes on 67! And, the zero waste movement officially has a superhero. And, I’m in love and crazy jealous.

If Resilience needs a mermaid sidekick, keep me in mind? K, thanks. 😉

Unfortunately, we got there as the event was wrapping up. We decided to head to brunch, ya know, the reason we have weekends. We walked several miles into the city and popped into Aesop along the way.

Christine from Snapshots just did a video about her skin care. I was very intrigued by her cleanser.

Oil cleansing was too much oil for my skin and castile soap was too drying. I just couldn’t strike the right balance. So, I’m very excited to try out my new cleanser and I’ll give you an update.

The shop is amazing and everything is packaged in aluminum or glass. A zero waster’s dream come true!!

I’ve been holding off on buying beauty products for a while. It’s hard to get exactly what you’re looking for online. Sometimes it’s easiest to go into a store and talk to someone.

Next we went to Credo Beauty. It is the mecca for green organic beauty. I cannot highly recommend it enough! There were a couple of things I’d been curious in trying.

I like to make my beauty products because I like knowing what’s in them and I don’t have a lost of spending money. But, I also like trying new things. Especially for my readers that don’t want to make their makeup.

I’m finally trying the RMS concealer and Danielle bought me an eyeshadow from Kjaer Weiss. RMS has a metal lid with a glass bottom making it completely recyclable. On top of that, it’s so cute – why wouldn’t you want to use it again!?

Kjaer has refillable makeup. I am very excited about giving it a try.

We definitely shopped until we dropped. After that, we grabbed the BART home. It started pouring about 5 minutes before I got home. So, I popped some popcorn, snuggled with my dog, and we watched 30 Rock. It was a perfect weekend. 

I am really trying to get out and about more, so if any of you know of some fun eco-friendly events or beach cleanups in the bay let me know in the comments!

What did y’all do this weekend? 

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  1. So excited you’re trying out aesop! Yes pricey, and wish they allowed a refill system, but I think they’re products are working its magic on me. Let me know what you think (:

  2. Really wish I knew about the 5K! I recently moved back to the south bay and am trying my best to go zero-waste. Would love to hear about more events or meet-ups and products that you try!