Eco-Friendly Father's Day Gifts

This year I rounded up a few eco-friendly Mother’s Day Gifts, and thought it was only fair to do the same thing for dear old dad.

When it comes to shopping for my dad, I have it pretty easy because he loves to cook. He likes good food and wine both of which are consumable gifts - my favorite type of gifts to both give and receive.

12 eco-friendly gifts for Father's Day from #fathersday #gifts #ecofriendly #zerowaste #sustainable #giftguide

Consumable gifts are great because you get to enjoy them, and then once they’re gone… they’re gone. They don’t stick around taking up space and creating clutter. Check out this post for a complete guide to consumable gifts.

TBH, the last thing my dad needs is more stuff. He pretty much has ALL of the stuff that he needs. I’m guessing you dad probably does too? After all most people are left with the conundrum, “What can I gift my dad that’s not a tie….?”

Well, not today! I’ve rounded up a list of things that I’m considering buying my dad for Father’s Day some of the links below are affiliate links. For more information please see my disclosure policy!

1. ask him what he wants:

I think first and foremost, you should ask him if there’s anything that he actually wants or needs. Maybe he needs new socks or really wants a sous-vide cooker with a 4 pack of stasher bags. If that sounds oddly specific, that’s because it’s what my dad actually wants.

It blows my mind that people try to buy other people gifts without asking them what they want. So much waste could be saved by simply asking the other person. So, before you go on a buying spree - ASK.

2. fair-trade coffee:

My dad is a big coffee drinker, and buying coffee beans is always a safe bet. Similarly, for me, buying me a nice box of loose leaf tea is always appreciated and will definitely be consumed. When my boss went to London he brought my back a box of Earl Grey from Harrods and it was SO thoughtful! Way better than getting a t-shirt I probably wouldn’t wear.

I’ve rounded up a few different types of sustainable coffee that are organic and fair-trade.

12 eco-friendly gifts for Father's Day from #fathersday #gifts #ecofriendly #zerowaste #sustainable #giftguide

3. a gift-card for a round of golf:

My dad is a pretty classic dad. He loves to spend his weekend on the golf course. We actually used to golf together when I was kid. Golf courses have long been seen as a blight in the eco-friendly community, but after being asked to attend the Waste Management Phoenix Open (a zero waste event for more than 16,000 people) I decided to look into how eco-friendly golf courses really are.

The answers might surprise you! See if there’s a sustainable golf course near you, and buy him a gift card for a game!

4. sailing lessons:

My dad loves to sail. As a kid my dad thought it would be fun to take my mom and I on a three day sailing excursion while he got his sailing license. All I remember is being sea sick which has put me off on traveling by boat for any extended period of time.

Even the ferry ride into SF can make me feel a little dizzy so while I may not be going on any sailing expeditions any time soon, I think sailing lessons would be a great gift!

5. a nice bottle of wine:

I live near Napa which is wine central in the US. Any time my dad comes to visit we typically go to a few wineries for tastings.

I always joke that wine tasting is one of the most eco-friendly activities in the bay area. Everything is local, made on site, and you taste out of real glasses! #ZEROWASTE. ;)

If you’re headed to the bay area you can check out my favorite places zero waste edition which includes a list of my favorite wineries.

12 eco-friendly gifts for Father's Day from #fathersday #gifts #ecofriendly #zerowaste #sustainable #giftguide

6. tickets to a concert:

Now, my husband is only a father to our dog, but he’s a bit modern and I started thinking about what I would buy him for Father’s Day. And, if I were to pick out the perfect gift for Justin, I would definitely be tickets for a concert.

Justin loves music so if you’re trying to buy a gift for a music lover, concert tickets might be the way to go.

7. take him out to dinner:

I mean is there really anything better than going out to a nice dinner together? This is one of my favorite gifts to give people.

8. a homemade fresh loaf of bread:

Who doesn’t love fresh, homemade bread! It’s the perfect gift if you’re into baking.

12 eco-friendly gifts for Father's Day from #fathersday #gifts #ecofriendly #zerowaste #sustainable #giftguide

9. undershirts, socks, hankies:

My husband can always use undershirts, socks, hankies or boxers. Most of these items make their way into his stocking during Christmas. I’ve rounded up a few places you can find sustainable basics for men, but will be writing a whole post on that soon as an accompaniment to the post I did for Women’s Sustainable Everyday Underwear.

10. speakers:

I know that Justin would love to have a portable speaker to bring on picnics this summer and is pretty much always in need of headphones. House of Marley is one of the few brands that’s offering sustainable electronics. They use mindfully sourced materials including bamboo, FSC™ certified wood, recyclable aluminum, plastic and fabrics.

11. organic cologne:

Justin really likes to wear cologne. It’s funny because he applies cologne daily before he leaves, but I’m lucky if I ever remember to apply perfume.

Last year I slipped a vial of DedCool into his stocking and he’s loved it so much! I always trust Credo when it comes to product recommendations because they do all of the homework for me to make sure that everything reaches a very high level of criteria when it comes to clean beauty. You can learn more from the Credo Creed.

12. sustainable spirits:

I feel like spirits are also a really popular gift to give guys so when you’re looking for spirits try and look for ones that are sustainable. Unfortunately, we don’t have many distilleries around where I live so I pretty much have to buy them in store.


Absolut is an incredibly sustainable vodka, and they’re a zero waste company. Their main by-product is stillage which is what’s leftover from the wheat fermentation.

Their stillage is an excellent food source and is used to feed thousands of pigs and cows in the surrounding area which reduces the need to import soy-based feed. (Soy is one of the leading causes of deforestation in the rainforest)

Absolut has one have one of the most energy-efficient distilleries in the world which is completely carbon neutral! You can read more about their sustainability initiatives here.


Patron is an incredibly sustainable tequila. They’re proactively funding a study with a top agricultural research center in Mexico to ensure the sustainability of the Weber Blue Agave plant for the entire industry.

They create more than 5,500 tons of fertilizer compost a year from leftover agave fibers from the production process, and take used agave fibers from 10 neighboring distilleries free of charge.

Since 2015, Patron has reforested or donated approximately 16,000 trees to their local community of Atotonilco el Alto, Jalisco. Read more about their sustainability initiatives.


Glengoyne is an incredibly sustainable whiskey. They filter their whiskey in a natural way that produces less waste, energy, and increases wildlife. They’re situated in the wetlands are rich of biodiversity.

The wetlands are home to around 14,500 plants of 20 varieties – attracting songbirds, dragonflies and lots of other wildlife. They’re an exclusive partner of the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT).

Wetlands are incredibly good at keeping carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. Wetlands cover less than five percent of the world’s surface, but they lock away about a third of its terrestrial carbon which is even more lot more efficient than, say, a forest. Learn more about their sustainability initiatives here.

I would love to know, what are you getting your dad for Father’s Day?

12 eco-friendly gifts for Father's Day from #fathersday #gifts #ecofriendly #zerowaste #sustainable #giftguide

Eco-Friendly Gifts for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching and I’m not entirely sure what to get my mom. So far she’s asked for a Gucci scarf and a pet alpaca. She not-so-secretly wants to be an alpaca farmer.

I am definitely on the hunt for a nice vintage Gucci scarf for her, but thought it would be fun to round up some other great gifts for mom!

Eco-friendly gift's for Mother's Day from #ecofriendly #mothersday #gifts #zerowaste #simplicity #sustainablegifts #mothers

My mom’s love language is gifts and me, living a zero waste lifestyle, and not wanting gifts or at least physical gifts has been a bit hard on her. She likes gifting physical things, and even though I would much rather have a gift card or cash, she’d much rather have someTHING.

Check out this post if you’re looking for Experience Gift Ideas or this one if you’re looking for A Minimalists Guide to RECEIVING Gifts. Some of the links below are affiliate links for more information see my disclosure policy.

Having said all of that… my mom does still like getting a gift card to her preferred spa… which leads me to #1…

1. cause she’s such a hard worker:

Let mom get ultra pampered by gifting her the great experience of relaxation. Here was an article on eco-friendly spas around the world, but am thinking I should upload a blog post on how to find/what to look for when it comes to eco spas!

A few other ideas would be taking her to a new, delicious restaurant, on a thrifting shopping spree or to a snazzy winery. If you’re looking for ideas in Northern California check out my Zero Waste Guide to the Bay Area which is basically my list of the best wineries, thrift shops, and FAV restaurants.

Eco-friendly gifts for Mother's Day from #ecofriendly #zerowaste #mothersday #mothersdaygifts

2. cause she needs to relax:

Is your mom a yogi? Or does she just need to stretch and relax? Get her a gift card to a local yoga studio! If she’s not a pro try a restorative yoga class that is relaxing and great for beginners.

If she’s in need of a new yoga mat, check out this corc yoga mat or if she might need some spruced up leggings check out the Eco Friendly Athletic Wear Companies.

Also check out getting some sweet organic sheets or a snuggly, new robe.

Eco-friendly gifts for Mother's Day from #ecofriendly #zerowaste #mothersday #mothersdaygifts

3. cause she makes the best food ever!

Does your mom make the best food EVER? Then maybe she could use some sustainable upgrades around the kitchen.

You know that I LOVE my glass snapware. I don’t recommend throwing out your plastic tupperware, but I also don’t recommend that you use it for your food. You can read more on what to do with your old plastic when going plastic-free.

Eco-friendly gifts for Mother's Day from #ecofriendly #zerowaste #mothersday #mothersdaygifts

4. cause she loves gettin’ dirty:

Your mom is a gardening pro! Or maybe she just loves fresh flowers. Who doesn’t love fresh flowers?

Does she need a beautiful new straw hat to keep the sun off of her face while she gardens? You could always get her new organic seeds or bulbs or just spend and afternoon with her pulling weeds!

I do love gifting flowers. It’s one of my favorite gifts to give especially for hostesses. You can read more about my Favorite Eco-Friendly Hostess Gifts.

When it comes to choosing flowers, you want to make sure that you’re choosing flowers that are eco-friendly. I chatted with my friend Chelsea a sustainable florist from Bhakti Flowers on choosing the greenest floral options around.

Here’s Chelsea’s top three tips!

  1. Opt for bouquets that are wrapped in paper, instead of plastic, and when you compost the old flowers (because you will compost them, won't you?) reuse the rubber band and toss it in your junk drawer.

  2. If ordering an arrangement instead of a bouquet, ask your florist to not use floral foam. Floral foam is made of carcinogenic materials like formaldehyde that are harmful to florists, and harmful for the air in your house.

  3. Ask your florist for US, or locally grown flowers. Just letting them know that you value more sustainable options makes a positive impact on this industry. If they grew the flowers, ask about their growing practices. If they bought them, ask where they came from, and encourage them to source locally if they don't already.

And, if you’re in the Ann Arbor, MI area then you have to go see Chelsea at Bhakti Flowers for all your flower needs.

Eco-friendly gifts for Mother's Day from #ecofriendly #zerowaste #mothersday #mothersdaygifts

5. cause she taught you everything you know about skincare:

Is your mom the most stylish person you know? Then I’ve rounded up my top picks from one of my favorite places Credo Beauty!

You could even have a little spa day together! You could change into comfy robes, create a delicious and hydrating non-alcoholic cocktail, put on a face mask and soak your feet in the tub together and maybe finish off the night with a movie!

How will you be celebrating Mother’s Day this year?

Eco-friendly gifts for Mother's Day from #ecofriendly #zerowaste #mothersday #mothersdaygifts

Ethical and Sustainable Gift Guide for the Pal who Loves to Stay In

As much as I loved the wellness gift guide, this one really speaks to my heart. I like going out, but honestly, I’d much rather be at home binge watching the Great British Baking Show / Bake Off snuggled with Nala, Justin, and a plate of pizza.

Ethical and Sustainable Gift guide for the pal who loves to spend Friday night at home from #giftguide #ecofriendly #ethical #sustainable #hygge

Of course, there are tons of things to do at home like drawing a bath, reading a book, sipping some herbal tea or even a glass of wine.

Man, this is getting me excited about Friday night!

This post is sponsored and many of the links below are affiliate links which means if you purchase something I might make a commission for referring you. If you have any questions please head to my disclosure policy!

sol organics:

Step one for me is getting snuggly! My bed has to be plush. I have the Percale Organic sheets in dove gray and I LOVE the texture of these sheets.

They feel a little more raw which I really like. I’d compare it to a linen cotton hybrid kind of feel. They have that texture so I feel like I sleep in place instead of sliding around on super satiny sheets.

The sheets are a little thin, so if you’re looking for heavy duty winter sheets, then make sure to grab one of the sateen sets!

The company is certified Fair Trade, Organic Cotton, and GOTS certified, and they ship completely plastic free! They’re shipped in a self-bag made from 100% organic cotton which can be composted, but I’m using it to buy lettuce from the farmers market! Then they’re wrapped with 100% recycled paper and put inside a recycled brown shipping box. No plastic whatsoever!

And, as a huge bonus they’re offering all GZW readers 20% off with the code ‘GZW20’ just apply it at checkout.

Ethical and Sustainable Gift guide for the pal who loves to spend Friday night at home from #giftguide #ecofriendly #ethical #sustainable #hygge


I love MCMC fragrances! I wore the fragrance Maine for my wedding, and I would love to burn this candle near my bedside while diving into a book.

This MCMC Dude No. 1 Candle is fresh, spicy, and woody, this fragrance is the new classic manly scent that will make you want to get close. With Virginia cedar wood, green coriander and pink peppercorn.

This candle is hand-poured in Brooklyn, with a blend of soy, vegetable and beeswax, and a 100% cotton wick. Approximate burn time of 50 hours.

Ethical and Sustainable Gift guide for the pal who loves to spend Friday night at home from #giftguide #ecofriendly #ethical #sustainable #hygge

hand knit socks:

I am in love with these hand knit socks! Marianne Wakerlin's wildly styled socks are hand-knit from skeins of recycled cotton yarn in a funky palette that’s coordinated but mismatched.

These cozy accessories repurpose perfectly good cotton strands, which reduces the amount of water, land, pesticides, and herbicides used to grow new cotton fibers and eliminates the need for harmful chemicals to dye virgin cotton yarn.

The design, knitting, and finishing final touches for these socks are completed at small, family-owned businesses in Vermont, North Carolina, and Oregon.

Ethical and Sustainable Gift guide for the pal who loves to spend Friday night at home from #giftguide #ecofriendly #ethical #sustainable #hygge


The cutest ethical pajamas I’ve found come from Reformation… of course! Reformation uses deadstock fabric which is fabric save from going to landfill, and they make all of their garments in Los Angeles.

According to their website, buying their pajamas instead of new pajamas elsewhere saves 17.08 lbs.of carbon dioxide, 1340.77 gal.of water, and 1.52 lbs.of waste!

Ethical and Sustainable Gift guide for the pal who loves to spend Friday night at home from #giftguide #ecofriendly #ethical #sustainable #hygge


Did you know that you can check e-books out from most libraries!? You can download them straight to your kindle. I love the kindle paper white because there’s no blue light.

Blue light can suppress the secretion of melatonin which helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. So, it’s best to avoid blue light right before bed.

Ethical and Sustainable Gift guide for the pal who loves to spend Friday night at home from #giftguide #ecofriendly #ethical #sustainable #hygge

throw pillow:

Is there such a thing as too many pillows? I love having a few throw pillows to snuggle up with and so does Nala. She’s always rearranging the pillows just to her liking.

I like this throw pillow from Anchal which is handmade by an artisan in India. Every purchase of an Anchal product has an immediate impact and provides an artisan with a full-time job, health care benefits, design training, and educational workshops.

Ethical and Sustainable Gift guide for the pal who loves to spend Friday night at home from #giftguide #ecofriendly #ethical #sustainable #hygge


Is there anything better than winding down with a nice cup of herbal tea? There’s something about sipping something warm that just calms me down. It’s the perfect way to unwind from a hectic day.

If it’s been an especially hectic day, then I like to sip something warm while sitting in a nice warm tub with a few candles around. Then you put on the cozy socks, cozy pa-jam-jams, in some cozy sheets, and read a book. Basically… this whole gift guide. ;)

I have a mug from Globe-In and it’s one of my favorites! This mug is hand painted in Tunisia and fair trade.

Ethical and Sustainable Gift guide for the pal who loves to spend Friday night at home from #giftguide #ecofriendly #ethical #sustainable #hygge

Be sure to check out the other gift guides coming! And, get my tips for eco-friendly ways to wrap presents.