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Zero Waste Challenge Day 2: Reusable Water Bottle

30 Day Zero Waste Challenge

Last Updated on January 23, 2024

It is definitely summer in Cali! It is hot. Hot, hot, hot. Which is perfectly fine by me. I love the heat. I am a lizard. Give me a heat lamp, a rock, and I am one happy lady – er, lizard.

I try to drink 96 oz of water a day. Can you imagine the amount of plastic waste I would create by using disposable plastic water bottles? A LOT. 

The Problem: 

60 million water bottles are landfilled a day. A DAY. That’s a lot of plastic bottles. And, plastic can’t really be recycled. It’s downcycled, and with oil prices so low it’s more expensive to use recycled plastic. A lot of our plastic is landfilled at the recycling plant. There’s no incentive to recycle it at all right now. 

The Challenge: 

Use a reusable water bottle for the whole month of June and beyond!

I drink my tap. Tap water is regulated and tested for safety where often times bottled water is not. Some people don’t like drinking tap – no worries, I have answered some common concerns below.

My Tap Water Sucks:

Get a filter. We will be talking about zero waste water filters later in our challenge. But get one and use it. Even if you have a plastic pitcher, you’re still saving so much plastic in the long run. And, it’s way cheaper. 

It’s Not Prepared:

AKA it’s more convenient for me to grab a plastic bottle. Buy a pack of 16oz mason jars and fill them with filtered water. Keep them ready to go at a moments notice. Save money, drink better, love your planet.

I’m Always on the Go:

Keep a spare bottle in your car. If you get thirsty on the way, fill it up. Run inside the gas station and use the water tab on the soda fountain instead of buying a bottle. Also comes in handy for anything else like iced coffee, soda, smoothies – you get the picture. 

I Just Forget:

Well don’t.

Just kidding. That’s not helpful. But, seriously – how many of you have the mantra, “Phone, wallet, keys?” I know I can’t see your hands, but I bet they are raised. Add water bottle. And a cloth napkin while you’re at it. You know – if you’re feeling up for an extra challenge.

Phone, Wallet, Water, Napkin, Keys – got it? 

Memorize. Love it. Go forth and save the world one reusable bottle at a time.

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  1. The Mom’s Organic near me also sells big jugs (like for water coolers) and smaller jugs with taps that you can get refilled with filtered water! I’m a tap water drinker as well, but I’m planning on getting some of these for some summer events with friends and family who I know prefer filtered water.

  2. Found your blog, LOVE IT!!! I bookmarked SO many posts already. I have used a plastic reusable bottle for quite a while, I am afraid of any kind of health issues that could arise. I want to be zero waste and healthy. What recommendations for a bottle do you have? I am afraid I will break a glass bottle if I use it everyday, clumsy. Is the only other alternative stainless steel? I wonder if this alters the taste of the water?

    1. Thanks, Rachele! I’m glad you’re finding it helpful. I have not had an issue with a metal taste in my water. You can buy glass bottles that have silicone protectors around them to prevent breakage too.

  3. I used a bamboo based mug and metal mug for the last years. Yesterday I got a new one called RCup which is made from recycled paper cups. Cannot wait to try it.