How to Care for the Environment Under a Trump Presidency

I come to you with a heavy heart. I am sad. I am hurt, but I am not broken. This is generally a bipartisan blog. Waste reduction has absolutely nothing to do with politics. 

how to take personal action and care for the environment under a trump presidency.

However, the President-Elect has called for an end to the EPA and wants to drop the historic international Paris agreement on combating climate change. This would be a devastating loss to the progress we have made in protecting the earth and our resources.

We use far more resources than the earth can replenish each year. We even have a name for it: Earth Overshoot Day. That should worry you. We are borrowing time from our children and future generations. 

The earth does not have an infinite amount of resources. We must treat it that way.  

So how can you, one little person, help?

invest in the future:

Where are you banking? When's the last time you checked to see where your 401k contributions were going? If you want a cleaner and brighter future, you probably should make sure you're investing in it. Or at least make sure that you're not investing in coal and oil. 

You can search where you're contributing here and readjust accordingly. 

look local:

A right-leaning government tends to allow more state control and less federal. Get involved in your local elections. Local elections will impact your life more directly than federal. (most of the time) 

If Trump actually succeeds in abolishing the EPA (which I don't think he will), do you think California is going to say, "Oh, well guess I'm going to stop making all this solar and wind energy..."

No. They're not. So, start talking to your local representatives. Get to know who's in the state assembly. Get to know your city council. Go to city council meetings. Meet these people. Talk to them. 

Their job is to listen to you. If they brush you off, then come back with more voices. Surely you aren't the only that can see the benefit in clean water, clean air, and clean energy. 

get organized:

Y'all. Midterms are less than two years away. I repeat: midterms are less than two years away. After Obama took office in 2008 he had a much larger majority in the senate and the house. The tea party organized and took the house and almost the senate, making it very difficult for him to pass legislation after the 2010 midterms. 

This is the way our government works. So, if you're angry, upset, and worried. Get organized. 

Get involved with your political affiliation. There should be a state headquarters that would be more than happy to point you in the right direction and connect you with a place to volunteer. 


What are you doing in your everyday life to support the future you want to see tomorrow? If it's environmentalism, is there an organization you can work with to bring clean energy? Like this one focusing on 100% renewable energy or your local sierra club

If you're concerned about marriage equality or women's reproductive rights, a quick google search will bring up countless non-profits that would love to have your energy and time. 

In the end, we can all agree that we want a better America. We just don't necessarily agree on how to get there. 

Take heart. Get involved. 

The past several mornings I have awoken with a heavy heart. But, I take my sadness and fear and funnel it into action. You cannot sit on fear. You cannot sit on sadness. Do not let it numb you; let it embolden you. 

Love your neighbor. Stand up to hate and dissension; don't stand idly by. Try and listen to the other side, and be kind.

And, most importantly: be prepared to fight like hell.