Ethical and Sustainable Gift Guide for the Beauty Guru

The beauty industry is one of the hardest areas to reduce your waste. It seems like a mine field trying to find something that’s in decent packaging and with clean ingredients. When you do find those items, they can be a little spendy.

Ethical and Sustainable Gift Guide for the Beauty Guru from #ethical #sustainable #greenbeauty #giftguide

I feel like I’ve gotten a really well rounded list for all budgets! Perfect for a splurge item to put on your own shopping list, or a cute, small item to get for a friend.

As a bonus, beauty products are pretty small in size making them the perfect stocking stuffers!

This post is sponsored and several of the links are affiliate links which means if you choose to purchase an item, I might make a small commission for referring you. If you’re interested in learning more, please see my disclosure policy.

humble hive:

I love the ethos of this one woman show! If you’re looking for eco-friendly, zero waste products that aren’t going to break the bank - this is the shop for you.

Lauren creates everything in her kitchen with compostable packaging and eco-friendly tins that are perfect to reuse. She also lives on a sustainable farm which is SO cool!

Your favorite beauty guru will love these non-toxic products. My personal favorites are her lip and cheek stain and her solid perfumes lockets.

But, my pick for the holidays would definitely be this amazing gift basket. You could split it up to make smaller gifts for friends, slip it into different stockings, or just give it as a big gift with the whole basket.

Ethical and sustainable gift guide for the beauty guru from #sustainable #ethical #giftguide #greenbeauty #zerowaste

matter prints scarf:

Matter Prints works with a curative philosophy inspired by tradition. They source heritage prints and styles and reinterpret them in a modern manner.

Their collection is full of pieces focusing on heritage prints and textiles from artisan communities.

One of my favorite aspects of Matter prints is their design pattern cutting process, they use a method to reduce textile waste.

All of their production partners collect the leftover fabrics from every order, and they use them to make the #mattermini line.

I think this scarf makes the perfect festive and versatile gift. It’s great as a holiday wrap but also a gorgeous table runner or a piece of art for the wall. I think framing textiles is gorgeous and unusual!

But, I also really love these pants!

Ethical and Sustainable Gift Guide for the Beauty guru from

eye mask:

For me, it all starts with my beauty sleep. This lavender and flax eye mask is handmade in California. Lavender is a relaxing scent that helps you unwind, and it’s slightly weighted. It’s great for unwinding for a few moments or to help your relax before bed time.

As a bonus you can throw it in the microwave, and would do a wonder for cramps.

face roller:

Rollers may aid with lymphatic drainage and the release of toxins, may reduce inflammation and reduce the appearance of puffiness, can boost circulation for added radiance and glow, and may help temporarily lift and firm the skin.

Ethical and sustainable gift guide for the beauty guru from #sustainable #ethical #giftguide #greenbeauty #zerowaste

The Rose Quartz facial roller is believed to emit energetic vibrations of love and beauty. They are said to improve self-esteem and to fill the heart with feelings of self-worth, forgiveness and compassion.

compostable palette:

I love this Aether Beauty Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette. This palette is sustainably packaged: with removal of eyeshadow pans and elastic, this paper palette is fully recyclable and zero waste- the first in the industry!

Ethical and sustainable gift guide fro the beauty guru from #sustainable #ecofriendly #giftguide #zerowaste

shroom collagen:

Shroom Collagen is skincare you can drink! A vegan blend of skin-protecting superfoods that helps preserve natural collagen while hydrating and plumping skin from the inside out. 

bath salts:

These Calm Bath Salts are a blend of floral Ylang Ylang and natural Vanilla, to relax the mind and body; these salts also include lightly detoxifying and beautiful pink salt crystals. Add a handful of these salts to your bath to infuse the water with minerals, and your body with relaxation.

Ethical and sustainable gift guide for the beauty guru from #sustainable #ethical #giftguide #greenbeauty #zerowaste

face mask:

I love this face mask from Bestowed Essentials an awesome solar-powered zero waste business. This Face Mask For Sensitive Skin is a gentle combination of soap-free cleansing grains AND deep action face mask, perfect for mature or highly delicate skin.

It’s dry instead of a liquid to avoid adding preservatives, and you can mix it up with any liquid you like from aloe-vera or water.

face oil:

This Marie Veronique night oil is my all time favorite face oil! I use it morning and night, and it’s the only face oils I’ve had that hasn’t caused any clogged pores. My face is really sensitive to clogging, even jojoba oil will cause under the skin congestion for me, but this night oil leaves my skin glowing.

I can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s packaged in glass and made locally in Berkeley, CA.

Be sure to check out the other gift guides coming! And, get my tips for eco-friendly ways to wrap presents.

3 Zero Waste Shops for All Your Plastic Free Needs

Looking for a one stop shop to buy all your zero waste supplies? You’re in luck! There are truly some amazing zero waste online stores out there designed to make your life easier.

Here are three zero waste online stores you can find a bunch of plastic free goodies at. These shops are committed to bringing you the best zero waste supplies, in the most sustainable packaging around.

Three zero waste shops for all your plastic free needs from #zerowaste #ecofriendly #zerowasteshops

1. tiny yellow bungalow:

This plastic free store is a woman run business, which literally started in a tiny yellow bungalow (hence the name).

What started as an experimental blog in 2015 turned into a full time online shop, filled with eco-friendly goodies.

Jessie, the founder of Tiny Yellow Bungalow, recognized a need for more zero waste shopping options and decided to transform her blog into a shop.

She has a wide selection of products to choose from on her site in a bunch of different categories, like bath and body, kitchen, kid + baby, handmade and vintage.

3 zero waste shops for all of your plastic free needs from #zerowaste #plasticfree #shops

You can find a lot of unique, thrifted vintage items on her shop you can’t find anywhere else. She hand selects them herself from markets and thrift stores she stumbles upon.

Jessie is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. She goes to great lengths to make sure her shop is filled with items her customers really love, and always asks for their opinions and input

(follow her on Instagram – that's where she interacts with her audience most).

She also has an adorable baby boy who she tries to keep as low waste as possible, not to mention a handy zero waste baby registry on her blog.

I personally love the reusable produce bags she sells (the cloth ones come with such cute designs) and the compostable kitchen loofahs (so many adorable styles to choose from like apple, eggplant, owl, etc.).

Jessie is always updating her shop too, so there are tons of other new items in there I want to try soon!

Jessie also goes out of her way to reuse old shipment boxes from previous packages, friends and family. Talk about recycling!

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2. life without plastic:

Just as the name implies, this store will help you truly live a plastic free life. Life Without Plastic is the ideal resource for someone looking to break free of their reliance on plastic. It has a plastic free alternative for so many items.

The site is broken down into sections like eating, drinking, home and living, kids and babies, and more. You can find everything from plastic free coffee makers to plastic free hair ties there.

As far as inventory goes, It's definitely one of the biggest zero waste online shops around.

Each product also has an in-depth description that tells you everything you could possibly want to know about it, such as the material it's made from, size, where it comes from, who made it, how to use it, and what to do with it at end of life.

I personally love their wide selection of stainless steel airtight containers. So handy! You could find almost any size you need on their site, big or small.

They also have some incredible informative resources on their sight that can help you live as consciously as possible. Under their info section, they list resources and articles that talk about plastics, plastic types, plastic alternatives, and the effects of plastics on health and the environment.

They also have an action section where you can get involved with global or local campaigns.

The inventory is really quite impressive and you never have to worry about how products will be packaged. Everything gets sent to you in cardboard and paper, completely plastic free.

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3. the wild minimalist:

Run by an inspiring couple, The Wild Minimalist was created with one mission in mind: To help others reduce their dependence on plastic. Max and Lily, founders of the shop, started up the online store after becoming a newly engaged couple.

As they transitioned to a zero waste lifestyle, they quickly realized there was no one-stop shop for all things zero waste, so they decided to create one. And they certainly did a great job!

Their selections include zero waste kits, bags, kitchen and dining, cleaning, bath and beauty, mama and child, utility and pets. They have a wide range of items to choose from that’s bound to make any zero waster excited.

For someone just starting out, they make things easy by offering zero waste kits of all kinds, such as a basic starter kit, farmers market kit, lunch kit and more.

Perfect for someone who wants to go zero waste in a specific area of their life, but doesn’t know where to start.

Their utility section is very unique: They sell beautiful paper items there like a handmade produce calendar, market cards, native plant cards and more.

All of which can be composted at the end of life, if you have the heart to (they’re all so pretty).

I personally really love their selection of cleaning brushes (so much versatility – I have their wood pot scrubbers and love them).

I really love the fact they also have a beauty section with some makeup and skin care products in it.

All of their items come in zero waste packaging too, only shipping their products in plastic-free, easy to recycle packaging. They try to use recycled cardboard boxes whenever possible. Yay for no waste!

What are some of your favorite zero waste shops?


Guest Post: Ariana Palmieri is the founder of, a blog dedicated to zero waste living and sustainability. Her work has been featured on MindBodyGreen, Green Matters, The Penny Hoarder and several other publications. Get her free e-book "10 Ways to Reduce Trash" by signing up to her newsletter and learn how to reduce your waste today.

5 Sustainable and Ethical Athleisure Pieces to Keep You Cozy All Winter Long

Since I’ve started working from home, I’ve been wearing a lot of sweatshirts. Getting dressed is an important part of my morning routine because I’m not productive when I stay in my pajamas.

But, just because I get dressed doesn’t mean I don’t like to be cozy. I have several thick sweaters and sweatshirts that I’ve been living in!

5 sustainable and ethical Athleisure Pieces to Keep You Cozy All Winter Long from #ethicalfashion #ecofriendly #sustainablefashion

I think these pieces fall into athleisure wear which is kind of a middle ground between yoga pants and every day clothes. These sweatshirts are cozy, warm, comfy, but not pajama enough that it interferes with my productivity.

I’ve rounded up my five favorite pieces that I’m living in this cozy fall and winter season.

5 Sustainable and Ethical Athleisure Pieces to Keep You Cozy All Winter Long from #ethicalfashion #sustainablefashion #athleisureware #wintersweatshirts

1. sahar oversized drawstring hoodie:

  • made by: Amour Vert and produced in San Francisco (so local to me!)

  • color: Ivory (cause when you have a white husky you always opt for light colored clothing!)

  • price: $118

  • fabric: 76% Organic cotton and 24% Modal

This hoodie is cozy, stylish, and I feel really put together when I wear it paired with jeans and loafers. Out of all the cozy pieces listed here, this is the one I’m most likely to wear out of the house without feeling self conscious about it.

I can easily run errands around town and walk the dog! It’s also great for cozying up around the fire place to wind down with bliss ball brownie bites!


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5 Sustainable and Ethical Athleisure Pieces to Keep You Cozy All Winter Long from #ethicalfashion #sustainablefashion #athleisureware #wintersweatshirts

2. renew fleece sweater

  • made by: Everlane and produced at a factory Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  • color: French Blue

  • price: $58

  • fabric: 35 renewed plastic bottles

I’m honestly still on the fence about plastic fabrics. This is the first plastic fabric piece I’ve accepted and I’m terrified to wash it.

But, it’s pretty darn cozy, and I’ve been wearing it a lot. It is a voluminous sweatshirt that is 80’s reminiscent. I also chose cookie monster blue… so I feel kind of like a muppet… but I’m not complaining.

It’s not a sweater I would normally wear out of the house, but since it has so much volume it’s a great extra layer to pile on while I’m at home.


5 Sustainable and Ethical Athleisure Pieces to Keep You Cozy All Winter Long from #ethicalfashion #sustainablefashion #athleisureware #wintersweatshirts

3. cumulus hoodie:

  • made by: tentree and produced at a factory in China

  • color: pinot

  • price: $62

  • fabric: Hemp Fleck Jersey: 52% Hemp, 48% Recycled Polyester

This sweatshirt is warm, but thin. It’s the perfect sweatshirt to pack in my bag if I’m going on a long walk.

Living in the bay area the weather can easily go from warm to really cold when the fog rolls in. I find having a thin sweater or sweatshirt in my bag and dressing in layers is vital to success!


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4. lightweight french terry crew:

  • made by: Everlane and produced at a factory Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  • color: Heather gray

  • price: $38

  • fabric: 100% cotton

This is a really simple sweatshirt. It’s cotton so it’s pretty light weight. I think it’s really nice for layering over a tank top or even a button down.

It’s a little utilitarian, so I tend to wear it while doing chores or working in the yard.


5. beckett shrunken crewneck sweatshirt

  • made by: Amour Vert and produced in San Francisco

  • color: Ivory

  • price: $88

  • fabric: 76% Organic cotton and 24% Modal

This is the exact opposite of the last sweatshirt.

It is WAY too cozy to wear for doing chores. It’s snuggly, snuggly and more pajama like than anything.

This is perfect for lounging around the house sipping tea and reading a book. If you’re looking cuddle up and hibernate this winter, this is the sweatshirt for you!