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5 Things I Love about Who Gives A Crap Recycled Toilet Paper

Zero Waste Bathroom

Last Updated on February 12, 2024

I am so excited to be working with Who Gives A Crap again. If you remember, I did a post last December focusing on their Bamboo Holiday Line.

This post was sponsored by Who Gives A Crap, as always all thoughts and opinions are my own. For more information please see my disclosure page.

This time we’re talking all about their line of recycled toilet paper. I just love these rolls, my favorite is the cheeky Emergency Roll.

1. it’s plastic free:

The rolls come in a cardboard box which you can recycle or reuse. If you go with the 48 roll box, it’s the perfect size for moving. List it on Craigslist or on Freecycle to help someone out.

The rolls are individually wrapped in paper which I either recycle or shred into small bits for my backyard compost. I really appreciate how much thought and care went into this decision.

Here’s what they had to say about it on their website, “We need to wrap rolls to keep them moisture free and hygienic – unfortunately we can’t just put them in a cardboard box unwrapped.

We’ve explored a number of other options—wrapping 6-packs in paper, wrapping the whole bunch in plastic, etc.—wrapping each roll in paper made the most sense, economically, environmentally and from a design perspective. But, to fully offset the extra paper we’ve used, we’ve trimmed about 1mm off of each sheet of toilet paper—we bet you didn’t even notice!”

The toilet paper cores are also cardboard. I shred these and throw them in my backyard compost. Of course, you can recycle them too. Everything in the box is recyclable or compostable.

2. it’s festive:

Because I live in such a small space, I’m forced to keep my toilet paper on display. Thankfully, Who Gives a Crap is so cute, I don’t mind!

It’s also a great conversation starter. When guests use the bathroom, they usually get a chuckle out of toilet paper called Who Gives A Crap.

I love easy conversation starters about reducing waste. The conversation just flows naturally and you don’t have to worry about coming off preachy or naggy.

3. it’s recycled:

And, not just a little recycled, it’s 100% recycled! It’s made of 100% post-consumer waste paper. Your toilet paper may have lived a previous life as a student’s textbook, VIPs itinerary, or even an artist’s doodle.

In true sustainable fashion, Who Gives A Crap sources their recycled paper from schools and offices local to their factory. Yes, they even know where their recycled paper is coming from proving their dedication to supply chain and transparency.

They pulp the clean fibers at super high temperatures to make sure the paper is biodegradable, it’s also safe in septic tanks, strong, and silky soft!

There are no inks, dyes, or scents used in making their toilet paper. So you don’t have to worry about any endocrine disruptors when you wipe.  

Recycled paper also uses less water than the bamboo line. Saving water in the waste upstream is always a bonus!

4. it works great:

Being an awesome company is great, but your product has to be stellar. And, I can say, my hiney 100% approves.

My husband and I both use a bidet attachment for our toilet. This leaves our rears very wet, and we use toilet paper to keep everything dry.

The recycled toilet paper holds up great. It doesn’t come apart in your hands, and it doesn’t leave little bits for later. Plus, it’s soft! Recycled paper can be scratchy, but Who Gives a Crap has manufactured the perfect roll.  

No one likes scratchy TP.

5. they give back:

I love companies that give back. For me, this is what sets companies apart. Companies that are actively involved in making the world a better place, get my vote.

Who Gives A Crap donates 50% of their profits to their charity partners, so they can help build toilets for the 2.3 billion people living without one. So far, they’ve donated over a million dollars and you can read more in their impact here.   

I think it’s pretty clear why Who Gives A Crap will always be on my bathroom shelf.

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  1. Hi there! Love your blog 🙂 I’m looking to place my first Who Gives A Crap order and I was wondering if you’ve tried both the recycled and the bamboo? Does one seem much nicer/softer/stronger than the other? Also, do you know whether their entire process of collection/processing of the recycled rolls is better, worse or comparable to their process of producing the bamboo rolls? I’ve asked them but haven’t had a reply yet.

  2. Thank you for your blog! While this product is a fantastic option for us zero wasters, I worry about the possible BPA exposure resulting from using recycled paper when making TP. Sigh, so many chemicals and considerations to worry about.