Zero Waste Deodorant

UPDATED 1/14/16

Deodorant is a great thing. No one wants to stink. But, there has been some alarming information about the aluminum and other ingredients used in common antiperspirants.

I have tried lots of deodorants, lots. As a teenager, I really struggled with overactive sweating. It was so embarrassing. I would have huge sweat spots, and I tried everything to make it stop. 

Some deodorants would even bleach the color in the armpits of my shirts. It was horrible, and not very good for my skin. 

Thankfully, the overactive sweating subsided in adulthood. Now I sweat like a normal human being, and this deodorant is perfect – Plain ol' baking soda!

You can apply it with a shaker, a make-up sponge, or my favorite way with a puff. It was a common way to apply powder in the 50 + years ago, and as a bonus I feel super glamorous!

Do you see this sweater here? I love this sweater. I've had it since 2006... almost ten years. The reason I love it is the very reason I never wore it. Those pom poms are so soft and adorable, but I always felt really weird wearing them in public.

Thankfully, this sweater finally gets put to good use. The pom poms can be removed, and the rest of the sweater will stay intact perfect for donating. (I've been cleaning out my closet... but that's a different post)

If you don't have any puffs lying around, there are plenty to be bought online. 

My puff fits perfectly inside of an old jelly jar. The puffs are so soft and perfect for application. I wouldn't recommend applying the baking soda directly after shaving.

So far I've had no irritation, no sweat stains, and most importantly no smell! I've been showering less because of the drought. So, you know, I need this stuff to work. 

This recipe works perfectly for me but if you think you need a little extra punch you can try adding some Himalayan Salt or try my recipe for extra strength deodorant.

I can't wait until my whole bathroom is zero waste. Do you have any zero waste beauty tricks?